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He Does a Body Good

Lee Wonsik, Park Hyeongjun

To say that Hosang's luck with women throughout his life had been underwhelming would be an understatement. That all changes when he gets electrocuted by an electric mat that he bought from his old college friend Gahee. Armed with a newfound ability, Hosang embarks on a life that he had never even dreamed of...

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The Rabbit Hole

Ha Yangji, Yeongmo

Whatever her employer asks, Hee-Yeon, the maid, does it perfectly without any mistake. A beautiful yet twisted maid enters a complicated household. How far down the rabbit hole will Hee-Yeon go?

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Everyday Lily

Gom Mali

A realist lesbian accidentally comes out to a closeted lesbian, whose only lesbian experience was through 2-D artworks. Find out how their college lives start involving a daily dose of lily.

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Sunee Lee, Seokyeong

With all his memories wiped out, Jesse, wakes up in the hospital and in front of him stands a man that suggests he's Jesse's lover. However, the only fragmented memory Jesse has of that man is him trying to kill Jesse. But is his fragile memory reliable? Who's telling the truth and what is actually going on? Why was he in the hospital to begin with? A luxury BL thriller that will keep you wanting for more.

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Bone and Flesh

Studio Sibo

Jaeha, an intelligent and great looking man, stumbles upon a never before seen beauty named Dami while working part-time as a nude model. As his obsession towards Dami increases, Jaeha's seemingly unblemished stature starts to crumble and the darkness within him begins to manifest.

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Drug Candy

Lee Hyunmin

Reassigned and demoted at work. Add to that a broken marriage and Seunggu's life is at an all time low. But along comes a smart and sassy girl by the name of Yura. Hard to resist and with no desire to resist, Seunggu slowly becomes addicted to the drug called Han Yura.

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The web of lies and deceit a man will weave to be praised as a hero. A hero arises from the gray mist. "My name is Gray. I murdered a villain today. You want to know how I became a hero? You want to hear the secret behind the gray mist?"

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Who says a woman can't be smart and sexy at the same time? But can a woman get away with cheating on two men at once? Saeeun's simply SCANDALOUS!

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Matchstick 20

Masatoki, Dohyun

The World's Greatest Storyteller telling his story in the most terrifying situation. What is his story? What is his motive?

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Big See

Kim Botong

Big See may seem simple on the surface, but at it’s core is a moving story about a man diagnosed with cancer. Readers witness the journey that unfolds in his subconscious as he battles cancer, and the emotional battle his loved ones find themselves embroiled in. After a successful launch in Japan, Big See is now available for the English audience. What is it like to live with the knowledge that your life on earth will soon come to an end?

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How Far Have You Gone?


Looks cute and sweet? Don't judge a book by its cover. Here's a story about the intricate, private details of a newlywed's sex life. Neither his first love, first kiss, nor first experience was with me, but he was my first everything. So how far have you gone?

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Girl Reborn

Appling, Antler

Eunsung one day wakes up to find out he's a girl! He's able to hide his change of gender from everyone... or so he thought. His secret is discovered by his crush on day one and moreover, she asks him to pose as a nude model for her! How will Eunsung's life start anew as a girl?

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You Jin


A dark and handsome stranger appears on You Jin’s doorstep one day, claiming to be a childhood friend that’s contracted a mysterious and potentially fatal disease – the reason You Jin doesn’t recognize him. Being the long-lost childhood friend that he is, he asks You Jin to help fulfill his dying wish. But can You Jin trust this beautiful stranger?

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Secret X Folder

Lee Hyunmin

Every guy on Earth has a secret folder filled with sensitive material, don't they? See what's inside this "Secret X Folder". The creator of the highly acclaimed "Drug Candy" has come back new and improved with more mature graphics, enhanced drawings, and more laughs to go around!

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Lady Garden

Zilpung Studio

A UFC hopeful, Kang Doo, gets banned from competition and finds a job as a security guard in the luxurious mansion by the name of Lady Garden; a mansion only allowed to the hottest women. As beautiful as these ladies are, various dangers lurk, and it's Kang Doo's job to protect these lovely women. Oh yeah, and saving women in need always comes with a hefty reward!

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The Girl That Got Stuck in the Wall

Gaehoju, Gunnermul

Jieun is smart and witty, but she's got a penchant for running late. Luckily, she's got a few tricks up her sleeve, like a quick shortcut to help her get to work on time. Jisoo, on the other hand, is trying to find his first corporate job while nursing old wounds. Everyday's the same boring routine, to the library and back home where he lives alone. At least, until one day when he takes a wrong turn down an alley and discovers Jieun... stuck in a wall.

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Strawberry and Milk Tea

Team Haejang

The emotions between these two are fresh like a strawberry and sweet like a cup of milk tea. Love is blossoming all over this campus! Satisfy your craving for K-wave romance!!!!!

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Lucid Dream

Masatoki, Kirty

Ever had a dream so realistic you couldn't be sure what was real? Raeum has a special power - the power to control his dreams. His power will bring to life an eerie dreamscape that may reveal the key to unlocking the truth behind his past.

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Polyamory, Jin

In a world where we're made to believe monogamy is the proper way of love, this story provides a naughty peek at what it might be like to enjoy life with multiple partners.

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Bloody Festival


On a beautiful day in City K, where everyone was gathered for the festivities of the annual cherry blossom festival, a woman starts her ruthless and vile revenge. She's sexy, cool, and outright violent! See how the merry cherry blossom festival becomes a rampant bloodbath!

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Having witnessed her "secret" love killed by a murderer, the normally calm and cool headed police officer, Seolah, is determined to find the bastard and avenge her love's death...

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My Joy

Pito, Lezhin

The school's fastest track star, Namsu. An old friend from the past, Hye-Yeon. Everyone's adorable sweetheart, Joy. High-school romance at it's best! The comic that made Pito one of the best in the GL genre.

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Lily Love

Ratana Satis

When Donut meets Mew, their encounter turns out to be more than just a coincidence, as their closeness slowly turns into something more intimate. Lily Love... is a story between two very different people, who hand and hand, learn to trust each other in order to nurture and protect the love they share regardless of position, distance, or gender. If finding true love already seems next to impossible, how much harder will it be to keep it?

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My Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend


I was never curious about my girlfriend's past...until that incident! Now I'm just dying to know! Who is this ex-boyfriend? Why is he acting so friendly? What happened between them in the past?! It sure isn't your typical love triangle.

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An Eye for an Eye


A story of bitterness, hate, and revenge... Callous to the pains of his classmate being bullied by punks, Yongju one day finds himself the target. When Yongju's attempt to get back at the bullies goes terribly wrong, his brother Yongjin pledges to enact justice - setting him on a methodical yet twisted path bent on ruthless vengeance.

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It's finally here! The highly acclaimed "SSUL" comic that put Lezhin Comics on the map. A narrative comic that illustrates some of the most funniest and sexiest experiences in a way only our creator, N.ya, can.

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I'm NOT Drunk

Young choon

We've all had those days. Drink cuz something awful happened. Drink cuz something really awesome happened. But I'm not as think as you drunk I am!

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Cutter and cuttee living together. A creepy, cute gore-fest available only at Lezhin Comics!

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Reveries of the Moonlight

Hong Jeonghun, Kho Jino

Based on the Korean hit epic-fantasy series. Stripped of everything he cherished to a pack of vampires, Saegun meets the legendary Jinma Slayer Sylvester and enters the path of the vampire hunter… Welcome to the lunatic moon.

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Do Kim

We present to you the official Hearthstone comic based on the the global phenomenon. Coming from creator and Hearthstone maniac Do Kim, the renowned generator of numerous Hearthstone memes, we dissect and analyze the new cards in the Grand Tournament Expansion Set. Warning: Have a good laugh but take all of this with huge grains of salt! Sure, I like these cards, but there ain't no promises that you will too!!

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Nilil, Ikki

In a world where man and man-beast coexist, the violent king reigns ruthlessly over the man-beasts. Join the adventure to free man-beast from the tyrant's oppression.

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Her Pet


Gayoon decides to enroll into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha's loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha's once true friend - Happy, Soha's pet dog.

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Out of Control


Yuri, one of the school's most handsome guys, and Jaerim, one of the school's ugliest, collide! Or don't they... Can't understand what's going on between these two! It's out of control!

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Something About Us

Lee Yunji

They consider themselves the best of friends. Others seem to think otherwise. There's something about their relationship that's hard to describe. What will become of these two "friends"?

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Daily Witch


The current world no longer has any need of special powers. Thus, witches have lost their value and are not that different from humans. That's why Misty lives a normal life with her fellow witches, Eve and Baba Yaga, while earning a living as a BL genre comic artist. One day, a mysterious group kidnaps Misty and all of a sudden their once normal life turns "abnormal!"

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Secret Crush


What's the probability of someone you have a crush on having a crush on you? What'll happen to these two secret lovers? Will they ever find out that they are, in fact, in love with each other?

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Ultimate Outcast

No Do Hwan

Most outcasts are ostracized because they look different, talk different, or live different. But not everyone. And not every previous outcast turns into a revenge machine. After seeing his friend suffer a horrific incident, the once outcast, Kang Haneul, decides to exact revenge with the help of an ability he never knew existed.

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I See Your Money

Minguk23, Sria

To Sungchoon, seeing how much assets a person has and will have in the future comes in handy when dealing with all kinds of situations. He then meets Jihyang, a daughter of a conglomerate owner and approaches her, hoping to change his fate of having to live paycheck to paycheck. Little does he realize that Jihyang also shares this ability.

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Choi Yong Sung

Having lost all contact with his sister, Shiyoung, a worried Shion sets out to see what is wrong by arriving in Australia, where his sister was staying. While staying at the share house his sister was living, he starts to sense that the people there have something to do with his missing sister.

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A world where machines yearn to understand and become humans and where one human seeks to become as strong and indestructible as these machines. A jam-packed action SF that will blow your mind away.

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Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

Jimmy Kim

Kim Manseok is your average, everday guy but with one particular hobby: his love for high-end high heels. He owns his own personal blog and is known as a woman online but one day, his identity is exposed! Will he be able to continue his life as an ordinary salary man?

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Love Barometer


Chaewoon is back in school after taking 2 years off. She doesn't want any trouble and wants to graduate without any incident but she can't seem to help but get entangled with not only the most popular guy in the department, Sado, but also the hot-blooded freshmen Mingyu! So much for wanting a quiet school year!

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