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With the 1st Lezhin US Comic Contest officially over, we are right back at it to find more aspiring and talented artists.
We want you to submit your awesome webcomics and have a chance to showcase your work as well as work with us to make the world of webcomics even richer!
(Rules and Restrictions May Apply)


2016. 9. 1 ~ 2016. 10. 31
( u.s. pacific time )

Lezhin Entertainment is a Korea based company that is one of the fastest growing webcomic platforms today.

More than 2,000 titles , 400 partnered artists, 7 Million active users in less than 3 years.

Lezhin Entertainment Offers services in three different languages. (English, Korean, Japanese)

Lezhin Entertainment is well respected in the webcomic community for its focus on making a better ecosystem for artists as well as ITS EFFORTS IN providing opportunities to aspiring artists.



how to submit

<ARTIST NAME_TITLE OF COMIC> AND SEND THE FILE TO with the title "Submit Contest"

winner announcement

2016. 11. 14

Winners will be announced on and

  • Can we submit short comics?
    The comic should at least be 2 episodes (70 panels/each) in length.
  • Can I apply with a mature content comic?
    Absolutely. There is no restrictions in genre.
  • Can I submit a comic that I submitted in previous contests?
    We will accept the comic If that comic has never been shared/commercialized in other outlets.
  • Can I promote my comic in my social media/other communities?
    Yes but you may not expose the comic in length.
  • Can I submit in forms other than top down scroll (ex: page)?
    No. We will only accept scroll version comics.
  • Does the comic have to be in color?
    No, coloring is not mandatory.
  • Can I send my files in other formats if the files are too big to send by email?
    Yes. We will accept but you must tell us where and how you will send the files.
  • How can I be sure if my submission was properly received?
    We will send you an email notification.
  • Is there no way to submit if I am poor at English?
    We will not accept poorly written English. One method we suggest is that you hire/ask someone that is capable to help with the comic.
  • Can I resend my comic if there is something I want changed?
    Yes. But it must be before the submission due date and you must indicate that it is a "Revised" version on the name of the email and file.
  • Can the writer and artist be different people?
    Yes. You can apply with a Team name or state the names of both the writer and artist when you submit.
  • Can I send more than one comic?
    Yes, but only one title can be awarded a prize.
  • Does the winner automatically get to publish on your website?
    No. Winning the contest and becoming a partnered artist are two different things. You may win the contest but not be offered a publishing contract or you could be offered a contract without winning any prizes in the contest.
  • Does the submitted comic need to have the potential to be more than 2 episodes?
    No. We do not judge a comic based on (potential) length when choosing our winners for the contest. However, the comic needs to have the potential to be longer than 2 episodes for possible publishing.