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Thanks for Listening
For a normal, boring high school guy named Brian, life is about to get a lot less boring. Something strange is happening around him, and it might have to do with his energetic childhood friend, Suzette. Coming out of nowhere, Suzette wants to form a band and won't take no for an answer. Every time she plays music, strange things happen. When they add two new band members, their reality will never be the same again.
Time of Nick
Damon has been struggling with his sex life for the last 30 years. Every time he attempts to have sex, his friend fails him. Little did he know that he was a wizard, and that wizards can only have proper sex with other wizards. After enrolling in a wizardry school at the age of 30, he finds himself having sex with multiple wizards; out of necessity and also popularity. However, during this time, his heart is always pointing to one girl...
World Zero
When the Earth is destroyed, a boy by the name of Aiden Kai is thrust into another world - Qurexus. There he will fulfill his destiny - not as the savior, but as the destroyer.